Philly Phanatic Makes Out with Hot Philadelphia Traffic Reporter on Live Television (Video)

philly phanatic kissing hot traffic reporter

Everybody loves the Philly Phanatic. He’s one of the greatest mascots in the history of sports, and he’s always doing something interesting. However, it’s no secret that the Philly Phanatic is kind of a perv who tends to do questionable things in the presence of attractive young women.

Well, the Phanatic recently stopped by the news room of Fox 29 News Philadelphia to participate in a little segment with their smoking hot traffic reporter. The point of the visit? To promote the upcoming Phillies season, I guess. But of course, the Phanatic—who was painted red for the occasion so as not to blend into the green screen background—took the opportunity to do what every red-blooded man in Philly would like to do, but which only a red-blooded man in a goofy mascot suit can actually get away with: make out with Kacie McDonnell.

Take a look:

McDonnell had to know what she was in for when they told her about the segment, right? She certainly had a good one-liner all ready to go.

In any case, that Phanatic is one lucky guy.

Hat Tip – [Barstool Sports]

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