Boxer Adrien Broner Pays Woman $200 for Her Spot in Line at the DMV (Video)

adrien broner pays $200 to jump in line at dmv

Everybody hates going to the DMV. In terms of things people dread doing, renewing drivers licenses is right up there behind having a root canal and getting audited.

Of course, there’s nothing really painful about actually renewing a drivers license or buying license plate tags. You walk up, you look at some stuff, you answer a few questions, you go home. What people hate about the DMV is waiting. You can never count on getting out of the DMV in under and hour and a half, and the problem is that, most of the time, they’re only open during business hours. So that means missing work.

But think about what it would be like to go to the DMV if you were rich. You could just walk in, offer somebody at the front of the line a wad of cash for their ticket, and get your business done right away.

That’s what WBC Lightweight boxing champion Adrien Broner did recently. The 23-year-old Cincinnati native was due to renew his license, apparently, so he rolled into the DMV with his entourage and started offering to pay others to swap numbers with him.

At first, Broner started out at $150.  After that didn’t get any takers, he upped the bid to $200. Then, finally, a woman took him up on his offer, and he whipped out a huge stack of bills and handed her the money.

The result? Broner got to move up nine places in line.

Of course, Broner’s crew recorded the whole thing. So here it is:

Being wealthy has its perks.

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