Chicago Bulls Fan Tries to Steal LeBron James’ Sweatband Right Off His Head (Video)

chicago fan tries to steal lebron's headband

It’s pretty common these days for pro athletes to toss souvenirs to fans after a game. Hockey players give sticks, baseball players give balls and bats, and basketball players—as gross as it sounds—will sometimes toss their sweaty head and wristbands.

Of course, they typically only do this at home, because opposing fans usually don’t want souvenirs from opposing players. However, when that opposing player is a future legend of the game? Well, that’s different.

Last night in Chicago, after the Bulls snapped the Miami Heat’s 27-game winning streak with a 101-97 victory, one brazen Bulls fans decided he’d like a souvenir from none other than LeBron James. You know, a little something to remember the special occasion. So when James walked off the court and down the tunnel to the locker room, this fan reached out and tried to grab LeBron’s headband—right off his head!

Needless to say, LeBron didn’t like that. After all, it was just a few weeks ago that some Chicago Bulls fans cheered when it looked as though James had injured himself. So the guy probably isn’t really feeling much love for anyone up in the stands at the United Center these days.

Have a look:

I wonder how much a sweaty game-worn LeBron James headband is going for these days on eBay?

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