Enes Kanter Dislocated His Shoulder, and it Looked Nasty (Video)

enes kanter dislocated shoulder

Hopefully you are checking out the following video before your lunch break.  Not after it.

If comes from last night’s game between the Phoenix Suns and the Utah Jazz.  Less than two minutes into the second quarter, and less than three minutes into Enes Kanter‘s first appearance on the court, the 6’11” center for the Jazz went to the ground in a battle for a loose ball with the Suns’ Hamed Haddadi, and he came out of that battle with a painful-looking, stomach-turning, left shoulder dislocation.

Check it out…if you think your stomach can tolerate it:

Kanter is set to undergo an MRI on his shoulder today to determine whether he suffered a total or partial dislocation.  Either way, the injury will likely spell the end of Kanter’s sophomore season.

Oh, and if you were able to keep your food down through all of that, congratulations.

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