Toddlers Brawl in the Stands at Sporting Event (Video)

kids brawl at game while parents not paying attention

Over the years we’ve seen a lot of bad parenting on display at sporting events and, suffice it to say, dads are pretty much always the culprits. Weather they are teaching their kids some colorful expressions, holding them up for kegstands, dropping them in order to catch a foul ball, or letting them take a swig of beer at a Phillies game, it seems like a lot of fathers lose focus while watching sports.

And it turns out that this isn’t just an American thing. Dad’s all over the world have the tendency to get so wrapped up in the game that they forget all about tending to their little ones.

Have a look at this clip, for example. We don’t know what sporting event this is from, and we don’t know when it occurred. However, it definitely seems eastern Europe, it is definitely cold, and whoever is supposed to be watching these little tykes definitely dropped the ball.

“Honey, where are the kids?”

“Oh they’re fine. They’re just over there beating up that other kid.”

Yeah, that’s good parenting.

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