Bucks Center Larry Sanders Elbowed Referee Bill Kennedy in the Face on the Opening Tipoff Last Night (Video)

larry sanders elbows referee in face on tipoff

NBA referees have done a lot of ridiculous things this year that would make a guy want to elbow one of them in the face. Back in December, one of them kept the ball in play for the Miami Heat, allowing them to score an easy basket, because Miami needs all the help they can get, right?  Then, also in December, a referee actually blocked a Kris Humphries foul shot. Like, on purpose.

Of course, while those were strange occurrences, neither was quite as embarrassing as referee Bill Kennedy getting caught on camera asking Mike D’Antoni and Gregg Popovich to help him stall for a TV commercial that wasn’t even playing.

So maybe it was an accident when Milwaukee Bucks center Larry Sanders elbowed Bill Kennedy in the face on the opening tipoff last night against the Charlotte Bobcats…

…And, you know, maybe it wasn’t.

Take a look:

That couldn’t have felt very good.

Anyway, in addition to getting to elbow the ref in the face without consequence, Sanders also recorded a career-high 24 points and 13 rebounds en route to a 131-102 route over Charlotte.

So yeah, Larry had a fun night.

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