Fan Invades Pitch, Receives Beat-Down from Opposing Goalie (Video)

turkish goalie beats fan pitch invader

Over the years, we’ve see a lot of different field invaders run out and interrupt sporting events. And from these people, we’ve picked up a few tips to pass along to all of you would-be idiots out there.

First, if you’re considering a field invasion, make sure you are not in Philadelphia. Second, make sure the security guards standing nearby are not built like football linebackers. And third, don’t run into the field at a rugby match—anywhere.

Oh, and here’s another tip we just picked up today: don’t invade a soccer field anywhere near the away goalie when his team is losing 2-0 late in the game. For one, goalies are already a little wary of field invaders after what happened to Sheffield Wednesday keeper Chris Kirkland. For two, if the guy’s team is losing, he might take all his frustration out on you.

That’s certainly what happened in Turkey recently. During a game between Bursapor FC and Kasimpasa, a Kasimpasa fan ran out onto the pitch while his team held a 2-0 lead on Bursapor. However, when he got within arm’s reach of Bursapor keeper Harun Tekin, the idiot experienced a major beat-down.

Take a look:

Can you believe they sent the goalie off for this? They should have given him a medal or something, because that’s exactly what should happen to field invaders.

Hat Tip – [Telegraph]

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