Pistons’ Jose Calderon Almost Walks Into the Wrong Locker Room During His Return to Toronto (Video)

jose calderon takes wrong turn heading to locker room at acc

When an athlete spends a long time playing in one city, you know it has to feel weird when he returns to that place for the first time as a member of another team. I mean, if it’s strange for the fans to see that guy in another uniform, imagine what it must feel like for that guy to put on another uniform.

However, while we usually focus on the emotional and psychological experience of an athlete returning to the town where he spent most of his career, there is another side of it, too: the habits and rituals. You see, athletes are creatures of habit who rely on routine to get them through the daily grind. Thus, when an athlete comes back to the building that used to be his home away from home, some confusion ought to be expect.

As evidence of this, look no further than what long-time Toronto Raptor and current Detroit Piston Jose Calderon did last night in his return to the Air Canada Centre in Toronto. At the end of the first half, the guy starts walking down the tunnel toward the locker room with all the other players. However, when he got to the divider that separates the paths to the home and visitor locker rooms, he instinctively walked down the Raptors’ side. Then, after noticing his mistake, he had a good laugh at himself.

Have a look:

Jose probably felt pretty silly there, but he didn’t feel so silly at the end of the night, after he’d chipped in 19 points and 9 assists in a 108-98 victory against his old team.

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