The 11 Most Unlikely Final Four Teams Ever

unlikely final four teams

Over the weekend, the Wichita State Shockers defeated both La Salle and Ohio State to reach the Final Four of the NCAA Tournament for the first time since 1965. Was this a shocking* outcome? No, not quite. I, for one, suspected that the Shockers might be capable of a deep run. However, their trip to the Final Four certainly wasn’t likely. Even people who were high on the Shockers probably didn’t expect much more than a trip to the Sweet 16 or maybe the Elite Eight. And yet here they are, just two wins away from a National Championship.

So where do the 2013 Shockers rank among the most surprising Final Four teams of all time? That’s the topic of today’s list. I’ve ranked the most unlikely Final Four teams of the modern NCAA Tournament according to seed, so click away to see where Wichita State stands.

*Now that’s a pun!


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