Conspiracy Theorists Say NBA Is Trying to Ensure Lakers Make Playoffs (Video)

nba lakers conspiracy theory

It’s no secret that the Los Angeles Lakers have had a really tough year, despite making some pretty significant offseason additions in Steve Nash and Dwight Howard. It’s also no secret that, all things being equal, the NBA would really, really like to have both of L.A.’s basketball teams in the playoffs.

However, what if all things weren’t equal? What if the league was actively trying to make sure the Lakers do in fact make the playoffs? Because that’s what a number of NBA conspiracy theorists have started to think. And one of them made a little highlight reel of the so-called evidence, featuring a number of questionable calls and no-calls made by referees in recent weeks.

Do I believe the conspiracy theory? No. The NBA would be risking a hell of a lot more by fixing games than they would gain by getting the Lakers in the playoffs. That being said, the bad calls in the video you’re about to see are flat out ridiculous, and I wouldn’t rule out an unintentional bias on behalf of some referees.

Take a look:

So what do you say? Conspiracy, or no conspiracy?

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