Crazy Blue Jays Fan Throws Bat Into Cleveland Indians Dugout (Video)

blue jays fan hit with bat threatens indians

I knew Blue Jays fans were jacked up about the start of a very promising baseball season, but I had no idea they were this intense.

At last night’s home opener in Toronto, the Blue Jays hosted the Cleveland Indians. In just the top of the first inning, the Tribe’s number three hitter, second baseman Jason Kipnis, lost his grip on a swing and launched his bat a few rows deep above the visiting dugout. Luckily nobody was seriously hurt, and a pretty funny scene ensued.

The guy who ended up with the bat, you see, amused the crowd by making like he was going to take on the visiting team all by himself. Everybody, including the announcers, had a good laugh.

Take a look:

Of course, that’s just what happened on camera. What people who were at the game later explained was that, once the cameras were off the guy, he actually did throw the bat into the Indians’ dugout!

His fellow Blue Jays fans loved it, of course, but the Cleveland Indians players? Not so much. Apparently ballplayers don’t like it when fans throw bats at them. Who knew?

My word of advice to Blue Jays fans? Dial it down a notch. It’s a long season.

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