Diamondbacks Fan Dodges Home Run Ball, Lets It Hit His Girlfriend in the Head (Video & Gif)

diamondbacks fan dodges home run ball hits girlfriend

We’ve already shown you one example today of how baseball fans are still a little rusty just a few games into the season. How about another?

At last night’s Diamondbacks-Cardinals game at Chase Field in Arizona, Redbirds shortstop Pete Kozma blasted a home run off Heath Bell into a picnic area in the top of the 7th inning. Normally, you’d expect fans to at least try to catch a ball like that. After all, how many chances do you get in life to catch a home run ball? I’ve been a fan all my life, and I’ve been to hundreds of games, and the only time I’ve ever come remotely close was during batting practice.

Unfortunately, this was just the second game of the season for D-Backs fans, so instead of trying to catch the ball, this young guy sitting in the picnic area jumped out of the way completely…and let the ball hit his girlfriend in the head.

Take a look:

And here’s the gif:

Luckily for the woman, the ball just grazed her and she’ll be alright. Luckily for the man, his girlfriend did not break up with him on the spot. Of course, his quick reflexes probably did earn him a few weeks of chastity.

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