Jays Fan Makes a Terrible Attempt at a Foul Ball (Video)

blue jays fan falls onto field

Major League Baseball players go through six long weeks of spring training, and they still show up on opening day a little rusty, booting grounders and misreading fly balls. The fans? They don’t get spring training. Well, actually, I guess they do if they take a vacation to Florida or Arizona and take in a few ballgames in March. But most fans don’t get spring training.

The result? They’re pretty rusty too, forgetting the words to “Take Me Out to the Ballgame,” dropping beers, and falling on their heads while going for foul balls.

For evidence of the latter, look no further than the Blue Jays’ home opener last night in Toronto. Foul ball slices down the third base side, fan goes for it, falls over the rail and onto the field.

Have a look:

And did you notice a second fan fail in the same little clip? At the 0:12 mark, you see a portly gentleman go for the ball, but it caroms off his hands and straight up into the air. Then he misses his second chance to catch it while his big beer belly gets exposed.

If you want a better look at that, you can get it here.

So, like I said, the fans are rusty, too.

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