These Austrian Minor Hockey Players Know How to Brawl (Video)

minor hockey brawl in austria

Brawls at youth hockey games: they’re not just for Canadians. Or Russians. Or Kazakhs. They’re also for Austrians. In fact, the Austrians might do youth hockey brawls best.

I’m only judging from one example, of course. But I assume that all Austrian youth hockey brawls are as good as this one from a recent championship game between a bunch of kids who are all under 15 years old.

It all starts around the 0:12 mark of the video below. A kid on the black team gets checked against the boards by a kid on the white team. Then another kid on the white team—who happens to be sitting on the bench—starts messing with the kid on the black team. And when the referees fail to break up this two-on-one fight, the black team sends in reinforcements. Then a real brawl ensues; however, it’s not a full-on bench-clearing brawl until the 0:52 mark, when the white team finally gets tired of watching the other team swarm their guys out there on the ice.

Oh, and the best part? The video is set to a nice little country ditty, thereby enhancing the absurdity.

Have a look:

Is that not one of the wildest hockey brawls you’ve seen in a long time? Again, keep in mind that none of these kids are even 15 years old.

Their parents must be so stolz.

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