Brandon Knight Sucks at Layups (Video)

brandon knight layup fail

The Detroit Pistons went into Boston last night and lost a tight game to the Celtics that went down to the wire.  The final score was 98-93, after Jason Terry sealed the deal by making both of his free-throws with just nine seconds remaining in the game.  But if Pistons fans were looking for one play that may have been the difference, many of them will probably point to the same one.

It took place with just over two minutes remaining in the fourth quarter and the Celtics leading by three with the ball.  The Pistons’ defense was looking for a big stop, and they would get just that, via a steal by Jonas Jerebko, which quickly turned into a wide open layup attempt, and subsequent layup fail by Brandon Knight.

Check it out:

The Pistons had other opportunities down the stretch, but they failed to capitalize on those as well, resulting in their eventual defeat.

Sucks to be a Pistons fan these days, doesn’t it?  But, on the bright side, that blown layup could end up earning them a few extra ping pong balls in this year’s NBA Draft Lottery.

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