This Brawl Made Preseason Baseball at the Alamodome Less Boring (Video)

brawl at preseason baseball game san antonio big league weekend

Last weekend, just before the regular 2013 MLB season began, the Texas Rangers and San Diego Padres played a couple of exhibition games in a very interesting location: the Alamodome in San Antonio.

If you’re familiar with the Alamodome then you’re probably thinking, “hey, that’s not big enough for a baseball field, is it?” And the answer is no, it’s not. But they put one in anyway with a short 280-foot right field…just because.

However, it turned out that the most interesting thing that happened during the two games at the Alamodome last weekend had nothing to do with the short right field fence.  However, it did take place by the short right field fence.

I am talking, obviously, about a fan brawl. The person who uploaded the video to YouTube said it was between a drunk Padres fan “in wrong jersey” and a bunch of Rangers fans.  By “wrong jersey,” I presume the person is referring to the fact that one of the combatants is wearing a Texas Longhorns jersey, though I don’t see how that could be construed as “wrong” in San Antonio, with U of T just a short drive away. Moreover, I see very little evidence to suggest that anyone there is a Padres fan.

What I do see is a woman starting the fight by throwing a beverage of some sort, another woman getting upset because her young child is in the middle of the skirmish, and, eventually, a few punches and some wrestling.

Take a look:

You stay classy, Texas baseball fans.

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