Biebs at the Ballpark: D-Backs Broadcasters Can’t Get Enough of These Justin Bieber Doppelgangers (Video)

bieber lookalike dbacks game

The real Justin Bieber is performing in Europe this week, but we won’t blame anyone for believing that he was at Chase Field on Tuesday watching the St. Louis Cardinals take on the Arizona Diamondbacks.

The D-Backs broadcasters nearly made that mistake, as they were fooled by a pair of Bieber look-alikes (Big Biebs and Little Biebs, if you will), who were seated in some premium seats, directly behind the Cards’ dugout—just like you’d expect the real Bieber to be if he were at the game!  And they continued to track the Bieber doppelgangers‘ every move, which included a seat change, a pizza spill and Big Biebs flashing his unusually large stack of tickets.

Check it out:

How does someone with so many tickets manage to sit in the wrong seats?

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