Drunk Girl Fights Old Man at Blue Jays Game and Nearly Has a Wardrobe Malfunction (Video)

drunk girl fight blue jays game

Remember the good old days when you could get in a pointless drunken fight at a sporting event without your boss or your mom ever finding out? Well, thanks to smartphones, the YouTubes, and (ahem) sports blogs, those days are long gone. Now, we don’t just have footage of every fan fight that ever happens, but we also have multiple angles. It’s practically like we’re covering the Olympics—there’s even a tape delay just like NBC. (Burn.)

As for today’s drunken fight at a sporting event, it comes from the Blue Jays-Indians game on Wednesday night, it was between two girls, and it was all over…a t-shirt.

You see, apparently a couple of guys who were in no way affiliated with the Jays were throwing free t-shirts to fans in the upper deck. The girl in the green coat caught one, but the drunk girl in the blue pants and Blue Jays tank top sitting behind her apparently snatched it right out of her hands and wouldn’t give it back. Then she apparently taunted the other girl about it until she stood up and gave her a piece of her mind. That’s when sh*t got real.

Here’s angle one:

And here’s angle two, in which the drunk but attractive girl in the blue pants nearly has a wardrobe malfunction:

So who’s to blame for all this? Well, the guy sitting next to the girl in the green coat seems to have gotten the ball rolling when he threw water at the dunk girl. But of course, the drunk girl was the first to throw punches, and from the descriptions provided on YouTube, she was also the initial agitator. So, since I have to lay the blame on somebody, I guess I’ll say it’s her fault.

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