Lithuanian Under-18 Hockey Player Hurls His Stick at a Referee (Video)

lithuanian u18 hockey player throws stick at referee

We see athletes and coaches blame the referees for a tough loss all the time. Most often it’s not really their fault and it’s bad sportsmanship to lay the blame on them, but it happens, and it’s not a huge deal. Guys take the game seriously, they get frustrated when they lose, and then take it out on an easy target. It happens.

However, a Lithuanian youth hockey player recently let his frustration with the officiating go way, way too far. Right as the final buzzer sounded in Lithuania’s 3-2 loss to Great Britain at the IIHF U-18 World Hockey Championships, a kid named Danielius Nomanovas threw his stick at one of the referees. And let me tell you, it was no half-hearted throw. The kid flung it at the guy with full force from 15 feet away. In fact, if this referee attack wasn’t so dangerous it would have been kind of impressive, as the ref was a moving target.

Take a look:

That had to sting, right?

So, did the refs penalize the two teams unequally? Nope. Great Britain spent 12 minutes in the box, and Lithuania spent 12 minute in the box. Then did the refs maybe penalize Nomanovas unfairly or something? Nope. The kid had zero penalty minutes. Apparently he was just pissed off about losing.

However, I think he’ll probably be facing some kind of penalty now. You know, like a “you’re banned for life” kind of penalty.

Hat Tip – [USA Today]

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