Kevin Ware Presents David Letterman’s Top Ten List (Video)

kevin ware david letterman top ten list

Less than one week ago, Kevin Ware of the Louisville Cardinals was laid out on a court at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis with a broken bone sticking out of his right leg.  Since then he has undergone surgery to repair the compound fracture he suffered, and just four days later he was able to joke about what many are calling, “the most gruesome injury in sports history.”

Ware is traveling with his Cardinals teammates, who are currently in Atlanta getting set to take on Wichita State in the first of Saturday’s two Final Four match-ups.  And last night, via satellite, he appeared on the David Letterman show to speak with Letterman and present the Top Ten List.

The topic of the list, you ask?  It was “the top ten thoughts going through Kevin Ware’s mind at the moment of the injury.”

Check it out (list begins at the 3:29 mark):

You’ve got to love Ware’s attitude throughout this entire ordeal.  Not only is he able to laugh about it, but last night he allowed us all to do the same.

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