Scott Hartnell Doppelganger Takes In the Leafs-Flyers Game in Toronto (Video)

scott hartnell dopelganger leafs flyers acc

Apparently coming to the arena dressed as your favorite hockey personality is the thing to do now among NHL fans. So far this season we’ve seen a guy who looks exactly like Senators coach Paul MacLean at a Senators game sitting—where else?—right behind Paul MacLean. Then we saw not one, but six Calgray Flames fans dressed up as the evolution of Jaromir Jagr when Jagr came to town with the Dallas Stars earlier this year. And now? How about a Scott Hartnell doppelganger?

Last night the Flyers were in Toronto taking on the Maple Leafs and one of the eagle-eyed producers for Leafs telecasts on SportsNet spotted a fan dressed up as the Flyers’ alternate captain sitting right behing the glass. So, obviously, when there was a break in the action, they gave the guy his 15 seconds of fame and did a split screen with him and Harntell.

Take a look:

Obviously, this guy is not quite the dead ringer that the Paul MacLean doppelganger was, but it’s still a pretty good tribute to a pretty good hockey player.

I wonder who we’ll see mimicked next?

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