Jack Hoffman, 7-Year-Old Cancer Patient, Scores 69-Yard Touchdown at Nebraska Cornhuskers Spring Game (Video)

7-year-old cancer patient scores touchdown for cornhuskers

For the last couple of days, it seems like we’ve brought you almost nothing but stories about parents brawling, fans streaking, dudes punching women, or drunk idiots puking all over the place. So if you’re a regular reader, you might be kind of disgusted with humanity by now.

Well, we’re sorry about that. So to make it up to you and help pick up your spirits, how about a feel-good story to lighten up your day?

At the Nebraska Cornhuskers’ annual spring football game on Saturday, a 7-year-old named Jack Hoffman got to do something he’ll remember for the rest of his life: score a touchdown for the Huskers.

Jack was diagnosed with brain cancer back in April 2011, and since then he’s undergone two surgeries and a 60-week course of chemotherapy. Right now, however, he is in between chemo treatments, so the Nebraska football program decided to give this kid a thrill by putting him in the game. Then he ran the ball for a 69-yard score in front of 60,000 cheering fans.

Have a look for yourself:

What’s that strange feeling in your chest? That’s your heart being warmed.

Way to go, Jack!

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