Wasted Jays Fan Barfs All Over Seats, Makes Mom Proud (Video)

jays fan barfing on seats

The Toronto Blue Jays had very strong attendance numbers for their first homestand of the 2013 MLB season. You see, they usually get a packed house on Opening Day, but then see the crowds shrink dramatically for games two and three of the season. However, with so much hype surrounding the team this year, the crowds stayed strong throughout the first six games.

Why do I mention all this? Because it explains the rash of posts we’ve already done this season featuring the wild antics of Blue Jays fans. It seems that when these people get packed together in large groups, they just go wild.

There was, for example, the crazy Jays fan who threatened the Cleveland Indians (in jest) and threw a bat into their dugout (for real); there were the two Jays fans getting a little perverted in the stands while sitting right next to somebody’s sweat little grandma; and, of course, there was the drunk female Jays fan who started a fight and then almost had a wardrobe malfunction.

And that was just the first three games. On Sunday, during game six of the 2013 season, there was not one but two streakers who ran out onto the field during the Jays game against the Red Sox.

So yeah, they’ve been pretty wild so far. And, just to put an exclamation point on that statement, here’s a Jays fan barfing all over the seats after their game on Sunday:

(Obviously, this is gross.)

Eight beers at the Rogers Centre in Toronto: $84.

Having a video of yourself vomiting pop up on the internet: priceless.

If the attendance stays strong in Toronto all season, we’re going to have to start a separate website just to cover the shenanigans of Blue Jays fans.

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