Fourth Grade Russ Smith Dribbling a Basketball Takes You Into Tonight’s NCAA Title Game Between Louisville and Michigan (Video)

russ smith fourth grade dribble

Tonight, many of you will watch the NCAA Basketball Tournament Final between the Louisville Cardinals and the Michigan Wolverines.  And at one point, you may see Cardinals guard Russ Smith make a move on a defender and drive to the basket with ease, and you’ll probably think to yourself, “when did this guy become such a good dribbler?”

The answer to that question would be sometime before he reached the fourth grade, because, if the video below is any indication, it appears as though the fourth-grade version of Russ Smith had quite the handle.

Check it out:

Fourth-grade Russ Smith may have better dribbling skills than 29-year-old JamieD (yeah, I’ll admit it), but the real question that everyone’s asking is this: Does 21-year-old Russ Smith have enough skill to lead the Cards to their third NCAA Tournament title tonight?

We’ll have the answer to this question shortly.

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