South African Soccer Fan Storms Pitch and Attacks Referee…with His Vuvuzela (Video)

south african soccer fan attacks referee with vuvuzela

Hey, remember how much everyone hated all the vuvuzelas at the World Cup 2010 in South Africa? Remember the awful sound of tens of thousands of stupid plastic horns honking continuously that made you put your TV on mute?

Well, I know at least one guy who hates the vuvuzela even more than the rest of us. He’s a referee in South Africa’s Premier Soccer League, and he despises the vuvuzela because a fan recently ran out onto the field and attacked him with one.

That’s right. Vuvuzela attack!

On Saturday, during a game between the Kaiser Chiefs and Golden Arrows in Johannesburg, a deranged man who was presumably a fan of the Kaiser Chiefs (the home team) ran out onto the pitch and gave the ref a solid whack with his plastic trumpet before security got there and tackled him to the ground.

Take a look, and enjoy the excellent commentary:

Weird, right?

Of course, somewhere in Europe right now there is a hockey referee saying, “So you got hit by a plastic horn? Big deal!  See what it feels like when a player hurls a hockey stick at you and then come talk to me.”

Hat Tip – [101 Great Goals]

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