Two Separate Streakers Tried to Liven Up a Blowout at the Jays-Red Sox Game in Toronto Yesterday (Videos)

jays fan runs on field makes it to center field

Canadians baseball fans are a resourceful bunch. When faced with a boring baseball game, they don’t just sit there, bored out of their minds. They find other ways to entertain themselves.

Yesterday’s Blue Jays-Red Sox game is proof of that. The Sox went up 5-0 before they even recorded an out in the first inning, and it only got worse for the Jays from there. By the middle of the 8th inning, they were down 13-0, thanks in large part to three home runs by Red Sox third baseman Will Middlebrooks.

So what did Jays fans do to make the game more interesting? Well, they started with paper airplanes. And when that failed to satisfy, a couple of fans decided to take things up a notch and run out onto the field.

That’s right, two streakers. The first guy was pretty drunk and didn’t even get all the way out to third base. According to Middlebrooks, he was holding out his arm for a handshake and had just said he was happy to meet him when security blindsided him.

Unfortunately, no one got their phones out in time to capture footage of the tackle, but they did catch the guy resisting his escort off the field.

The second Blue Jays fan to run onto the field was much more impressive. He darted out there from the third base line and slid into second base. Then he took off with blazing speed out to dead center field and tried to jump over the wall. However, he didn’t have enough hops and got tackled by security there.

Here’s one angle:

And here’s a second:

Man, that wasn’t an “interruption.” That was a tryout. The Jays should have signed that guy as soon as they walked him off the field.

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