9 Abusive College Coaches

abusive college coaches

Everyone knows that, in the heat of competition, athletes, coaches, and fans can get pretty fired up. However, that doesn’t give anyone a free pass to say or do anything they want. There are still lines that people just should not cross. For fans that means not running on to the field, or beating each other up. For players that means not violently assaulting referees. And for coaches, that means not verbally or physically abusing their players.

Unfortunately, these lines are crossed all the time. However, never is this more shocking and disappointing than when it’s college coaches who go too far. They have a position of power over their athletes that their professional counterparts do not. Pro athletes have millions of dollars and powerful unions; college athletes do not. They risk having their scholarships revoked or their pro careers jeopardized by speaking out against an abusive coach.

Today, in light of the recent events at Rutgers, let’s take a look at some of the most notorious abusive college coaches over the years.


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