Giant Wiener Takes a Spill During Hot Dog Race on Opening Day at Kauffman Stadium (Video)

hot dog falls down at royals game

I have no idea how their fans feel about the upcoming season, but the Kansas City Royals’ management certainly thinks this could be the year that they finally end their losing ways and make it back to the postseason for the first time since they miraculously won the World Series in 1985. In the offseason they traded their biggest prospect, Will Myers, to the Tampa Bay Rays in exchanged for pitcher James Shields in the belief that Shields would shore up their starting rotation and make them a contender right now.

Are things going to play out as the Royals had hoped? I have no idea. But if you believe in omens, things don’t look good.

You see, it’s bad enough that the Royals blatantly ripped off the Milwaukee Brewers’ famous Sausage Race, which was instituted in the early 90s, by introducing their own Hot Dog Derby in 2007. That’s just bad karma.

Now, at the Royals’ home opener at Kauffman Stadium yesterday, there was another sign of bad things to come: one of the giant anthropomorphic wieners tripped and fell and couldn’t even finish the race.

Take a look:

The logical interpretation of these events? The Royals aren’t contenders, but pretenders who will trip up when the penant race heats up.

Sorry, Royals fans. That’s not my prediction. It’s the universe talking.

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