Towel Guy Takes a Spill During National Championship Game (GIF)

towel boy slips and falls during ncaa championship game

Being a ball boy, towel boy, grounds crew staffer, or mop guy is a tough job. What you do is essential for the sporting event you’re working at; however, you’ll get no public accolades or reward for doing the job well, and everyone makes fun of you if you do something embarrassing.

Fall over on your head? That’s on the internet. Get heckled by a Major League ballplayer and showered with sunflower seeds? That’s on the internet. Get hit in the face with a half-court buzzer-beater attempt? That’s on the internet. But collect the foul balls, wipe the sweat off the floor, or hand guys a new soccer ball just like you’re supposed to? Nothing.

I bring all this up because last night, during the NCAA men’s basketball National Championship Final between Louisville and Michigan, one of the towel guys took a little spill on the court. Sounds a little embarrassing, right? Well, I guess it sort of is. However, in this case the guy manages to fall in such a way that, when you watch the animated GIF over and over, it kind of looks like he’s breakdancing.

See for yourself:

towel boy fail gif

So the lesson, obviously, is that if you’re going to fall, try to do it with style. Like this kid.

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