Drunk Phillies Fan Gets Branded with Hot Spatula While Tailgating (Video)

phillies fan gets branded with hot spatula while tailgating

Phillies fans are known for being pretty wild, violent, and obnoxious inside the ballpark. However, they do a pretty good job of letting loose outside the ballpark, too.

Obviously, I’m talking about their penchant for extreme tailgating. You see, Phillies fans don’t just sit around, drink a few beers and flip some burgers before a game. They party like it’s their last day on earth. Sometimes that leads to dudes passing out drunk and falling face-first in the parking lot before the game even starts. Sometimes that leads to drunk chicks giving a wheelchair-bound Phillies fan a lap dance.  Simply put, it almost always leads to something interesting.

So what do we have for you today? Oh, just a drunk Phillies fan having his ass branded by a hot spatula. Whatever.

Check out the video. As you would expect, it contains some rear male nudity and some adult language, so take a look to make sure your boss or impressionable child isn’t around before hitting play.

Way to go, Phillies fans. You never cease to amaze me.

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