Miami Marlins Ejected Fans from Home Opener Because They Had Signs Protesting Team Ownership (Video)

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Remember when the Miami Marlins traded all their good players—except for Giancarlo Stanton—to the Toronto Blue Jays for a couple of prospects and a case of Molson Canadian? Well, you know, it turns out that Marlins fans were just a little disappointed. Apparently they felt that, after the citizens of southern Florida paid for the vast majority of the Marlins’ new ballpark, the least the Marlins could do was keep a few decent players around to make the games played in that new ballpark worth watching.

Unfortunately, that’s just not how Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria rolls. This is the guy responsible for the Expos leaving Montréal, and he’s the guy who gutted his new team, the Marlins, right after they won a World Series Championship in 2003 with the players assembled by the previous owner. The only thing this guy cares about more than squeezing money out of sports franchises is art. That’s why there’s a $2.5 million sculpture of dolphins making love out in center field.

However, one group of longtime Marlins fans have decided that they aren’t just going to let Jeffrey Loria crap all over them and their city any more. So they started a website and named themselves “Rage Against the Marlins.” And, of course, these guys were at Marlins Park on opening night, protesting the ownership of Loria. They had t-shirts with slogans, they had old-school Marlins paraphernalia, and they had signs.

And the Marlins kicked them out of the game before they even got to their seats.

Were these guys drunk? Were they causing a disturbance? Were they shouting obscenities? No, no, and no. They were just mocking the team and it’s owner…and talking to reporters.

See for yourself:

According to Dan Barton, who seems to be the ringleader of RATM, police came up to the group of six men in the concourse and asked them to wait there because somebody from the Marlins wanted to speak to them. Then, after waiting there for ten minutes, the police escorted them down a hall and through a door…which led them out of the stadium. At that point, the cops asked to see their IDs, but they refused to comply, having already been taken out of the stadium, and left.

What is the team’s side of the story? Well, here’s what team president and lying sack of excrement David Samson had to say to the Palm Beach Post:

“We got information from the police that they’d run into a couple of fans who were walking around holding signs that were fine. That was not the issue. They were drawing some attention to themselves. Making some noise later in the game, which is not uncommon. As per standard operating procedure, the police go up, try to tell them to calm down and they did not. Then the police said, ‘Show me ID’ and they did not. And that was it. You have to show ID when asked. So they were ejected.”

In other words, the Marlins ejected paying customers for no real reason at all.

Of course, we shouldn’t really be surprised by this. A few weeks back, news broke that the team was suing a longtime season ticket holder who had refused to pay for his season tickets until the team allowed him to switch seats—which he is allowed to do.

Needless to say, the Marlins aren’t exactly public relations experts.

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