Dancing Seattle Mariners Dad Has Gone Viral (Video)

dancing dad seattle mariners

Ever wonder what it would take to get a video of yourself to go viral on the internet and collect over one million views on YouTube in less than one week?

A father, whose name is Robert, and his two daughters provided one answer to that question, as their wild dance in the stands during a recent Seattle Mariners home game was videotaped and uploaded to YouTube, where it currently (as of 4:30pm ET on Thursday, April 11th) has 1,088,894 views.

Check it out:

I couldn’t even imagine what his wife was thinking when she saw this.

On a side note, is it me, or do these Mariners fans know how to have a good time at the ballpark?  And I’m not talking about a puke-all-over-the-seats and get-into-fights type of good time, like they have in Toronto during Jays games.  I’m talking about dancing around and chugging beers with foul balls in them.  You know.  Good, clean fun.

Hat Tip – [WNOK]

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