Kobe Bryant Says He Would Have “Smacked the Hell Outta” Mike Rice (Video)

kobe bryant interview with jim rome about mike rice

One of the most interesting storylines to develop from the whole Mike Rice scandal has been the reactions from heavyweights in the world of basketball. A couple of the NBA’a biggest stars made some pretty bold statements about the Mike Rice scandal, including Kobe Bryant.

Here is what the Black Mamba had to say to Jim Rome last night:

So there you go. Kobe would have smacked the guy upside the head. But that begs the question, why didn’t some of the players just reach back and clock that douche? And Jim Rome asked Kobe, but he didn’t know.

The answer, of course, has to do with the institutional controls a college basketball coach has over his players. The coach doesn’t just control their playing time and their scholarship. The coach controls their entire career. Don’t like it? Want to transfer? Your current coach can make that almost impossible by getting you tangled up in the NCAA’s eligibility red tape. That’s why a lot of college players feel trapped and helpless at the hands of power-tripping a-holes, and it’s why they don’t react in the way Kobe says he would have. Bryant, however, doesn’t quite understand that, since he never played college ball himself. He went straight from high school to the Lakers.

Interestingly, another superstar who went straight to the NBA from high school also weighed in on the matter. LeBron James, however, didn’t put himself in the players’ shoes, because what does he know about how it feels to be a college basketball player? Instead, LeBron looked at the situation from the perspective of a parent. And that’s a perspective he understands very well.

lebron james responds to mike rice

Of course, regardless of their perspective, the point here is that the biggest stars in basketball both say Mike Rice deserved a beatdown. That ought to be enough to quiet the few morons who say the stuff he did “wasn’t that bad” and that the players should just “suck it up.”

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