Mariners Fan Catches Foul Ball in Beer, Chugs It Down (Video)

mariners fan catches foul ball in beer then chugs

Well, it seems like Major League Baseball fans are finally starting to get back into the swing of things now.

You’ll recall that, for opening week, they were a little rusty. We saw a dude fall on his head going for a foul ball, and another dude jumping out of the way of a home run ball and letting it hit his (ex?) girlfriend in the face.

It’s a different story this week, though. First we saw a guy catch a home run ball with one hand while holding his baby in the other. Now we’ve got a Mariners fan at Safeco Field catching a foul ball in his beer…and then chugging that thing.

Does he make a god-awful mess? Sure he does. Did his beer taste like chalk and dirt? Of course. But you have to chug the beer when you catch a ball in it. It’s the rules of being awesome.

Take a look:

Did you see that kid sitting behind him, too? Nothing like a minor cheering on some good old-fashioned binge drinking.

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