Well That Didn’t Take Long: Tiger Woods Drops F-Bomb at The Masters (Video)

tiger woods f-bomb masters

Tiger Woods may have the foulest mouth in golf, but we certainly won’t hold that against him.  After all, cursing takes place in almost every sport (or, at least in the good ones).

Have you ever heard the kind of language that gets tossed around on the ice during a hockey game?  Or what is said between an umpire and a manager while they dispute a call in baseball?  And let’s not forget about professional football players and their foul-mouthed tendencies.  Heck, we’ve even released a video featuring NFL players naming their favorite expletives.

So yeah, Tiger Woods shouldn’t be scorned for saying, “how the [email protected] did it do that,” after watching his ball die once it hit the green following his second shot on the eleventh hole at the Masters earlier today…

…But because Tiger did it, it’s obviously still worth talking about.

Here it is:

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