12 Epic Home Plate Collisions

famous home plate collisions mlb

Ever since Buster Posey broke his leg in a brutal home plate collision at the start of the 2011 season, there has been a lot of talk about eliminating that play from baseball. In fact, the debate flares up pretty much every time we see such a collision now, whether anybody gets injured or not. And more and more people inside baseball are expressing their opposition to home plate collision, including Cardinals manager and former 4x Gold Glove catcher Mike Matheny.

Should MLB get rid of the home plate collision? In my opinion, yes. They pose serious long-term health risks to players, and they occur infrequently enough that eliminating them won’t significantly alter the way baseball is played.

However, I certainly understand why you might disagree with me. Despite the fact that they are dangerous, just like NASCAR crashes and hockey fights, they’re still kind of awesome. I admit it. And today’s list will actually show both sides of the issue—it has home plate collisions that are terrifying and unnecessary, and it has home plate collisions that are just flat out awesome and exciting.

Ready to see some “hard-nosed” baseball? Then have a look.


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