Kayak Fisherman Has Insanely Close Call with 9-Foot Shark (Video)

shark attacks tuna near kayak

Let’s make a little pros and cons list about kayak fishing in the South Pacific, shall we?


  • kayaks are cheaper than regular boats
  • environmentally friendly
  • you get a nice workout
  • feel at one with nature


  • paddling a kayak is hard
  • not much room in kayak for beer
  • might get eaten by sharks

I don’t know about you, but I think the cons have it. And lest you think that the “might get eaten by sharks” thing is a joke, take a look at this video. A guy named Isaac Brumaghim was participating in a kayak fishing tournament in Hawaii recently and, while reeling in a tuna, a 9-foot shark jumped out of the water, Jaws-style, and then took a chomp out of the guy’s catch.

Fortunately for us, the 37-year-old Brumaghim often goes fishing with a camera mounted on his kayak, presumably to catch moments like these. Take a look:

Some people are apparently skeptical, saying that the video was somehow doctored. But I don’t see how that could be the case—unless this guy is actually a Hollywood special effects guru or something. The shark looks pretty real to me.

In any case, after a close call like that, Brumaghim decided to call it a day, right?  Wrong. He kept on fishing and later landed a nice 18-pounder, just like the one that got aw…er, eaten by the shark.

Hat Tip – [Yahoo]

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