LFL Coach Goes on Offensive Profanity-Laced Locker Room Tirade (Video)

LFL coach locker room tirade

The folks running the Lingerie Football League—oops, I’m sorry, the Legends Football League now—are obviously not very concerned about political correctness. After all, we’re talking about a sports entertainment venture whose sole purpose is creating wardrobe malfunctions. Still, even for the LFL, the video you’re about to see of one coach’s locker room tirade is pretty extreme.

It’s not the vulgarity itself that’s the problem. A few f-bombs never hurt anybody. The problem is the specific things the guy says, and the fact that the LFL is promoting it.

Supposedly upset with his team’s awful defense, Seattle Mist head coach Chris Michaelson first asks whether his team is a bunch of “f**king ret*rds.” Then he refers to the opposing team’s quarterback as “the b*tch,” not once, but twice.

Take a look:

I’m not an expert or anything, but it seems to me that a lot of people might find those terms offensive. It’s kind of surprising that the LFL would publish this sort of thing on their official YouTube page.

Actually, on second thought, I think they know exactly what they’re doing.

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