Parenting Fail: Mom Drops Kid to Catch Hockey Stick at Kings Game (Video)

parenting fail hockey fan drops kid

Sporting events present a lot of challenges to parents. Pretty much everywhere you look there’s a way for your kid to get injured or into trouble, and there just so happens to be a huge distraction—i.e., the game—right in front of you the whole time.

That being said, a lot of parenting fails at sporting events are really easy to prevent. For example, whatever you do, just don’t drop your kid while trying to catch a foul ball. And don’t crush your kid against the seats, either. Those are fairly easy things to avoid.

Also, try to pay just enough attention to your kids so that you’ll notice if, say, they happen to be brawling right behind your back at a soccer game. That will get on the internet, and you will look negligent.

Finally—and this brings us to today’s parenting fail—if you’re holding your kid up against the glass at a hockey game, whatever happens, just don’t let go. Your kid will fall and, once again, it will get on the internet.

That’s what happened last night in Los Angeles. The Kings had just defeated the Colorado Avalanche in a shootout, and when #1 star Mike Richards came back out on the ice to throw his stick over the glass, a die-hard fan holding her kid up against the glass let go of him so she could catch it.


Take a look:

Hey, she got the stick though. And I bet the kid probably thinks the bump on his head was absolutely worth it.

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