Bombs Explode at Boston Marathon Leaving Two Dead, 23 Injured (Videos) [UPDATE: Three Dead, Over 100 Injured]

boston marathon explosion bomb

Tragedy unfolded at what was supposed to be a joyful day in Boston, as two explosions near the finish line at the 2013 Boston Marathon have left two people dead and at least 23 injured.

With all of those in the Boston area celebrating Patriots’ Day, the celebration quickly turned to lamentation, as two explosions went off at Copley Square at around 2:40 pm ET.  Footage from cameras at the finish line show smoke fill the air and several runners hit the ground immediately following the explosion.  At the moment, police are still investigating the situation in an attempt to identify exactly what was used to cause the explosion, and the culprits responsible for the blast.  Several sources have also indicated that two more undetonated explosives have since been located at the scene.

In response to this incident, Boston, New York and several other cities across America and around the world have tightened their security.

We will have more info for you as details are released.  Until then, here is a look at footage of the explosion that took place at the finish line of today’s Boston Marathon.

UPDATE: Police are now saying that at least three people have been killed by the explosions at the Boston Marathon.  According to ESPN, at least 140 are injured and 17 are in critical condition.  No word yet regarding who is responsible for this.

Here is more footage of the incident from the Boston Globe.  It provides a chilling look at both of the explosions, and the chaotic scene moments after.

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