During Disgraceful Soccer Riot, One Fan Is Very Amused Because He Stole a Police Officer’s Hat (Video)

millwall soccer fan steals police hat during riot

A “giant-killer” is the English soccer equivalent of a Cinderella team in the NCAA Tournament. You see, the FA Cup is a tournament held concurrently with the English soccer season, and all club teams in the English pyramid system are eligible to compete regardless of which level they play in. Thus, every single year there are major upsets in which a team from a lower level knocks off a team from a higher level, and the teams that pull off these upsets are called “giant-killers.”

The biggest giant-killer in this year’s FA Cup competition is without a doubt Luton Town, a fifth tier team that somehow managed to defeat the Premier League’s Norwich City. However, a close second would be Millwall. This is a second tier team that beat Premier League side Aston Villa in the fourth round and then went all the way to the FA Cup semifinals, where they met Wigan Athletic. That’s a nice little run for a team that’s a lot closer to relegation to the third tier than promotion to the Premier League.

Unfortunately, Millwall’s Cinderella run was tarnished by the Neanderthal behavior of a few hooligans during their game against Wigan on Saturday. You see, a nasty brawl broke out in the Millwall fan section and a troop of riot cops had to be brought in, resulting in a really disturbing scene that left children crying and terrified, and grown men with blood smeared all over their faces.

Basically, any decent person would have been horrified at the scene. However, this jackass (pictured above) had a smile on his face because, somehow, he’d managed to steal a police officer’s hat during the melee:

Congratulations, guy. You helped ruin a great story for your town and you’ve probably scarred some children for life, but at least you have that great hat for a souvenir. Kudos.

Add all this together with the guy who punched a horse in Newcastle and you have a pretty bad weekend for English soccer.

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