Newcastle United Hooligan Punches Police Horse in the Face (Videos)

newcastle fan punches police horse

While fans of Manchester City were busy making out after their team’s big victory over Chelsea in the FA Cup semis yesterday, fans of Newcastle United were busy punching police horses. Talk about a juxtaposition.

What would bring a soccer fan to punch a horse? Well, actually, just about anything I guess. His team won, his team lost, his favorite player got a bad haircut, the horse looked at him funny—whatever. But in this case, the specific cause was a Newcastle loss to Sunderland in the Tyne and Wear Derby.

You see, Newcastle and Sunderland, though different cities, are located just 10 miles apart in the Northern English metropolitan county of Tyne and Wear. And as you would expect, the football clubs from these two cities have a fierce rivalry dating back to 1883. In fact, this is actually one of the nastiest rivalries in the English Premier League today, often plagued with various acts of soccer hooliganism.

On Sunday, the two teams met for the 133 time in league play, and the visiting Sunderland club blew their rivals away, 3-0. The result? A full-on riot in the streets of historic old Newcastle…which led to one vile hooligan punching a police horse.

Here’s a clip that gives a good view of the equestrian sucker punch:

And here’s another clip that gives a better view of the hooligan getting tackled by the police:

Hopefully the cops broke this guy’s nose on that tackle. Breaking some shop windows in one thing, but punching a horse? That’s a new low.

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