Danny Amendola Will Donate $100 Per Catch, $200 Per Drop to Boston Marathon Relief

danny amendola

Acts of terror that result in tragedy always produce narratives regarding the dark, chilling events that unfolded and those who were responsible for the evil doings, but they also have a way of bringing about stories of courage and caring among humans—often allowing us to somewhat restore our faith in humanity.

The Boston Marathon bombing is no different.  While frightening photos and footage of the incident continue to be released in bunches, we have also begun to hear about the brave acts of officers, volunteers, witnesses and race participants that decided to run towards to explosions, rather than away from them, in an effort to help those who had been injured.  Among them was former Patriots offensive lineman Joe Andruzzi, who was photographed carrying one of the victims to safety.

And now we have news regarding another good deed; this time from a current member of the New England Patriots.  We’re talking about newly acquired wide receiver Danny Amendola, who issued the following statement through his Twitter account:

Danny Amendola Boston Marathon relief twitter

Thumbs up to Danny Amendola.  Dude’s a class act.  The New England Patriots and the people of Boston are lucky to have someone like him on their side.

Hat Tip to JPG for the find.

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