Watch this Pirates Fan Catch a Foul Ball in His Oversized Novelty Baseball Glove (Video)

pirates fan catches foul ball with oversized glove

The 2013 Major League Baseball season is only a couple weeks old, and already we’ve seen some good lessons in what to do and, more importantly, what not to do when a ball comes your way.

For example, do catch foul balls in your beer (and then chug it), and do catch home run balls with one hand while holding an infant in the other. Do not, however, fall over the railing and onto the field while trying to make a catch, and do not jump out of the way of a home run ball and let it hit your girlfriend in the face.

Well, today we have another tip for you: do bring a giant, oversized baseball glove to the game and use it to catch a foul ball.

This one comes to us from a Pittsburgh Pirates fan sitting in the front row along the first base line during last night’s game against the Cardinals at PNC Park. Take a look:

Not bad, right? I guess we have to add “oversized novelty baseball gloves” to the list of strange things people use to catch baseballs with, right there with blankets, beers, buckets of popcorn, and baseball caps.

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