Rangers Fan Gets Beat Up By a Mob of Islanders Fans Outside the Coliseum (Video)

islanders fans beat up rangers fan

Despite the fact that the New York Islanders are probably going to make the playoffs this year, the team is still dead last in the NHL in attendance, averaging just 13,193 fans per game. Why? Well, being a terrible embarrassment of an organization for years and years probably drives fans away, and playing in somebody’s mom’s basement on Long Island probably doesn’t help either—nor does the fact that the team will be heading to Brooklyn to play at the Barclay’s Center in a few years.

However, just because there aren’t a ton of Islanders fans at Islanders games these days, that doesn’t mean it’s a good idea for a Rangers fan to show up at the Nassau Coliseum and trash-talk Isles fans on a night when the Rangers aren’t even playing there. You’re going to be seriously outnumbered.

Unfortunately, one poor Rangers fan recently learned this lesson the hard way after the Islanders beat the Lightning, 4-2. We don’t know what was said, but a handful of Rangers fans got into it with an entire mob of Islanders fans, and one of those Rangers fans took the brunt of the Islanders fans’ years of frustration.

The Rangers fan did get in a few good licks, but it didn’t take long for all of the Islanders fans to come to their compatriot’s aid. Fortunately, some of the more reasonable Islanders fans stepped in to make sure things didn’t get too out of hand.

Take a look:

The lesson here: don’t trash talk a mob of Long Islanders without plenty of backup.

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