Taiwanese Animation Studio NMA Is Proclaiming the Death of Kobe Bryant’s Career (Video)

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Nobody ever likes to see pro athletes suffer serious injuries, but it’s always worse when those athletes are in the latter stages of their careers. If it’s a 24-year-old, chances are he’ll recover just fine. But a 34-year-old? You just never know. Chances are the guy’s abilities were already in decline, even if only slightly. What’s going to happen when they can’t work out at full speed for half a year, or more?

These were the concerns with the great Mariano Rivera when he went down at the start of the 2012 baseball season. And, obviously, these are the questions and concerns basketball fans have about Kobe Bryant this week. He suffered a tear of the achilles tendon on Friday night, a freak injury that required surgery and will keep him out 6-9 months.

Understandably, some people are wondering if this could spell the end of a legendary career. Other people, however, are being a little more bold with their prognostications—like Taiwanese animation firm NMA World, who have put together this video declaring the death of Kobe’s career.

There’s a tombstone and everything. Take a look:

Of course, you know what Kobe would have to say about this…

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