Bouncer Won’t Let Drunk Arsenal Player Andrey Arshavin in Da Club (Video)

aresenal soccer player andrey arshavin drunk outside club

You might assume that a professional soccer player who plays on one of the biggest clubs in the English Premier League could get into pretty much any nightclub he wanted anywhere in the UK. However, this is not the case. Just ask Arsenal’s Andrey Arshavin.

Actually, on second thought, don’t waste your breath asking Arshavin. He was so drunk in the clip you’re about to see that he probably doesn’t even remember any of this.

Apparently Arshavin, a native Russian and a bench-warmer for the Gunners, was trying to get into a club on Saturday so he could settle a disagreement he had with one of the patrons. However, the bouncer wouldn’t let the 31-year-old in, so he had to settle for cursing in Russian and making a fool of himself for the whole internet to see.

Have a look:

Poor guy. It’s bad enough that he has to play in England with a name that sounds like “arse-shavin.” Now he can’t even get into clubs. I mean, what’s the point of being a pro athlete if you don’t get preferential treatment?

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