Clippers Fan Hits Half-Court Shot to Win a Car (Video)

kevin liao dodge dart half-court shot

Blake Griffin may be able to jump over cars, but I bet he couldn’t hit a half-court shot to win a car, much like Kevin Liao did during a break in the action at last night’s game between the Los Angeles Clippers and the Portland Trail Blazers at the Staples Center.

Liao was informed that he would be taking the half-court shot just 20 minutes before he stepped onto the court at the Staples Center.  But the lack of preparation didn’t seem to affect the 27-year-old from Woodland Hills, as he swished his half-court heave and won a brand new Dodge Dart.

And how’s this for a coincidence: Just two months ago, it was Hagop Blikian who hit a half-court shot at a Clippers game to win a Dodge Dart, and he just so happened to receive that car yesterday, on the same day that Liao won his new Dodge Dart.

Here’s a look at Liao’s Dodge-Dart-winning shot:

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