Insane Russian MMA Show Features 3-on-2 Fights in Multi-Level Labyrinth Areana

crazy russian mma (hip show)

Have you ever found yourself watching an MMA fight on TV and thinking, “it sure would be cool if, instead of this boring old octagon, these guys were fighting in some medieval multi-level labyrinth”?  And after thinking that, did you then find yourself thinking how awesome it would be if, instead of just two guys fighting each other in this medieval multi-level fighting labyrinth, they had, like, 2 on 2 fights, 2 on 1 fights, or even 3 or 2 fights?

Well, if you ever found yourself thinking such things while watching MMA, you’re probably insane. However, you are not alone. Apparently there are some like-minded MMA and television producers in Russia, because there is now this program called The Hip Show! in which fighters do exactly what I just described. And if you don’t believe it, or if what I described just doesn’t make any damn sense, don’t worry. We have videos.

Here’s one featuring haunting, epic movie music:

And here’s one featuring rock music you’d probably like if you went to high school in the 90s (and this were still the 90s):

And, what the hell, here’s one more with more awesome rock music:

So there you have it. The Hip Show! It’s a thing in Russia, and it’s crazy.

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