Behold the Worst Penalty Kick of All-Time…For Real This Time (Video)

worst penalty kick ever

On several occasions, we here at TotalProSports have shown you a truly awful soccer penalty kick and called it the worst PK of all-time. However, every single time we were lying right to your face. None of those were the worst penalty kick of all-time. This is the worst penalty kick of all-time.

It comes to us from Brazil, of all places. During a low-level Campeonato Paulista Série A3 match (which you Brazilian soccer aficionados know is basically the 7th tier of the Brazilian soccer pyramid) between America-SP and Votuporanguense, an ASP midfielder named Pilo went to take a penalty kick and actually somehow managed to send the ball backwards.

How is that even possible? I have no idea because, contrary to what I tell my mom, I’m not a physicist. But it happened.

See for yourself:

So congratulations Neymar.  You’re off the hook because one of your countrymen has given us a penalty kick that is actually worse than yours.

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